Yamaichi Electronics Co., Ltd.

Test & Burn-in Sockets

Globally providing customers’ semiconductor inspection process with excellent solutions backed with contact mechanism technology and fine-precision processing technology that are indispensable to all stages of semiconductor inspection.

Connectors & Productionic Sockets

Making full use of technologies including mechanism design, production, and evaluation technologies that have been accumulated by Yamaichi and supporting the technical innovation of cutting-edge electronic equipment in the fields of consumer, automotive, communications infrastructure, and industrial equipment.


YFLEX, which performs transmission at Gbps-level high speed, uses a liquid crystal polymer for insulation material, thus allowing fine pattern shapes with low hygroscopicity and ensuring ease of impedance matching designing.

Optical Components

Providing optical multilayer thin-film filters and devices backed with state-of-the-art thin-film design and production technologies for the central parts of optical application products, such as optical communications equipment, bio-related analytical equipment, and consumer optical equipment.