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The "Basic Policy for Material Procurement" of the Yamaichi Electronics Group


  1. We will build partnerships with our suppliers based on mutual understanding and trust.
  2. We will comply with laws and regulations, and social norms. We will comply with relevant laws and regulations, and social norms, regardless of country or region, and will carry out sound material procurement activities by cutting off relations with antisocial forces.
  3. We will provide fair trade opportunities to any suppliers in the global market regardless of their nationality based on the principle of free competition.


Our Supplier Selection Policy

  1. All suppliers shall comply with social norms, etc., and demonstrate due consideration for human rights and the environment.
  2. All suppliers shall be in sound financial condition.
  3. All suppliers shall be evaluated in terms of their price competitiveness, ensuring of required quality and specifications, capacity to satisfy delivery time and supply, and technology development capability, in accordance with appropriate procedures.
  4. All suppliers shall be capable of supplying continuously, even when an unexpected disaster occurs.


Request to Our Suppliers

In order to develop our business globally, we allow ourselves to ask all our suppliers to understand the following matters for supply of materials. In addition, we would like to ask our suppliers to understand our procurement policy, and give support and cooperation to promote these measures.


  1. Compliance with laws and regulations, and social norms

    We ask all suppliers to comply with relevant laws and regulations as well as social norms in each country and region where they operate.

    lThorough compliance with relevant laws and regulations (antitrust laws, commercial law, subcontract law, foreign exchange law, personal information protection law, copyright law, etc., of each country and region)

    lProhibition of bribery to all stakeholders (illegal gift, payment, consideration, financial or non-monetary donation)

  2. Consideration for human rights and occupational safety and health

    We ask all suppliers to respect basic human rights in their business activities and realize a safe and clear working environment. We also ask all suppliers to understand and give support to our efforts not to use conflict minerals.

    lProhibition of forced labor, inhuman treatment (including slaves), human trafficking, child labor and discrimination

    lProper wage payment and management of working hours, respect for employee's right to organize, etc.

    lRealization of a safe and clean working environment

  3. Consideration for the environment

    We would ask all suppliers to actively engage in activities to promote products that are in harmony with the environment.

    Development of an environmental protection system in compliance with ISO14001

    Implementation of procurement of materials with small environmental impact such as reduction of hazardouschemical substances (green procurement)

    Promotion of environmental protection activities (environmental policy formulation, system development, education
          implementation, etc.)

  4. Continuation of sound business management

    In order to conduct continuous transactions, it is important that the business condition is sound. Therefore, we may ask all suppliers to disclose business policies and business conditions (including financial conditions).

  5. Ensuring superior quality

    In order to maintain and improve the quality of products to be offered to our customers, we ask all supplies to develop and comply with a quality assurance system in accordance with ISO 9000.

  6. Offer at reasonable prices

    In order to offer products to our customers at economically satisfactory prices, we ask all suppliers to provide us with materials and services at competitive prices in the market at all times and to make efforts to reduce prices continuously.

  7. Ensuring deliveries and establishing a stable supply system

    We ask all suppliers to ensure deliveries and establish a stable and flexible supply system of materials and services for sable supply of products to our customers in accordance with changes in supply and demand,

  8. Improving technology

    We will develop safe and competitive products to meet the needs of our customers. For this reason, we ask all suppliers to improve technological skills continuously.

  9. Continuous supply when an unforeseen disaster occurs
    In the event of an unforeseen disaster etc., we would ask all suppliers to continue supply while sharing supply chain information between us and to cooperate in risk management activities in the event of an emergency

        lCooperation in continuous supply in the event of an occurrence of a natural disaster, plague, fire, riot, terrorism, war, civil unrest, etc.